This message was preached this morning by Pastor Iluba in our Umoja church. The meassage is in swahili language.


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Nairobi Region Churches Come Together 17th April 2016.

“The work of God this days to spare His church”


It was a privilege having Pastor Ebenezer Ngomuo from Kilimanjaro,Tanzania sharing how the gospel of the cross has united us people from different cultures,races and nationality to be one.

He also shared on how as christians we should desire to be a part of the church that God is building which nothing can stand against.

“Ordination of Elders,Deacons and Deaconesses”


After the powerful sermon,Pastor Stephen Gachengo shared about ordaining responsibles in the church,”One can only be ordained to be an elder,deacon or deacones in the church but one cannot be ordained to have the five fold ministries: apostolic, prophetic, evangelical, teacher, pastorial”.

Nairobi Regional Ladies Conference April 2013

The messages were preached in Nairobi Umoja church this week by our Sister’s Audry Hardy , Kamla from Mauritius , and Fridah from Zambia. To download this messages, click the following links.

1. The Gospel Our Treasure – Audrey.

2. Gospel our Treasure continuation. – Audrey.

3. Serving God With a Pure Heart – Audrey.

4. Transformation by the Gospel of Truth – Fridah.

5. Trusting on The Lord – Kamla.